Bath Brushes

Discover Andrée Jardin collection of traditional bath brushes. 100% made in France with the finest raw materials since 1947 ! Inspired by the vintage toiletries of French grandmothers and reflecting an authentic French art of living, our range of bathroom accessories provides for all your skincare needs.

“TRADITION” Collection
Inspired by our much-loved grandmothers’ sponge bags, and
The bathroom « Tradition » line is characterised by the materials used, vanished beechwood with hog bristle or wild boar bristle.

“HERITAGE” Collection
Its unique wood will help your bathroom brushes withstand the passage of time and humidity This new collection, made of 100% thermo-treated French ashwood which has an excellent resistance to humidity, can even be stored in the shower.

Perfect for a tonifying scrub before or during a shower or bath. Bath brush can be used in the shower but also dry for a massage
Careful ! This can quickly become an object you can’t live without.


  • Hard bristles for rough knees and elbows
  • Soft bristles for more sensitive skin
  • Improve blood circulation,
  • Detox the body,
  • Scrubbing the skin
  • Toning massage,

Lavenica is Andrée Jardin’s partner to import and distribute in Thailand beautiful and traditional bath brush from France.

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