Original Marseille Soap

“Savon de Marseille” is famous across the world. It is an iconic soap. Although you will find many labelled Marseille soap brands. Quality of the soap can differ greatly from brand to brand in the matter of ingredient quality they use. In one word, “Marseille soap” label does not guarantee the quality of the soap.

Lavencia works with the best and authentic French soap maker factories. We have selected the highest quality Marseille bar soap to import to Thailand

Made with 72% Olive oil or sustainable Palm oil in a traditional way using a copper cauldron in Marseille. pH neutral, no additives, simply made with olive / palm oil. Our Marseille soap is a natural care for any type of skin for everyday use.

The production process is patented by Rampal Latour and preserves the moisturizing power of the glycerin naturally produced during the saponification process. It contains as much glycerin as a moisturizing cream (3%)!
Rampal Latour soaps have been made in cauldrons since 1828, following the unique and traditional French process of making Marseille soaps and natural scent soaps.


  • Antiseptic and healing properties,
  • Washing hands, body and face,
  • Deep cleansing,
  • Controls sebum of oily Acne-skin
  • Gently cleaning baby’s skin
  • Protect the sensitive skin,
  • Moisturizing dry skin,

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